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Mutual Fund Taxation – This comes to you as an investor

Investing in mutual funds is becoming increasingly popular among investors. You have the opportunity to start with small investment amounts already and spread your risk by investing in various companies. As an investor, you are protected by a regulatory authority that verifies that the investment fund rules are in place. From 01.01.2018 the taxation of investment funds should change. What…

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Why getting a small business loan can be difficult

Most business owners do the same thing in terms of financing: gathering a series of documents, going to their local bank… and praying. If you are talking to a traditional lending institution can offer excellent products, this is certainly not the best avenue for business owners who want to access capital. In the modern world, cash-strapped or fast-growing businesses need…

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Is a business loan right for me?

Most entrepreneurs who are building their businesses will need capital financing from time to time. You need cash for business expenses such as procuring inventory, paying salaries, purchasing equipment, and marketing needs. Instead of mixing these expenses into the profits you get, a business loan can cover these costs to keep your cash flow in balance. Business capital loans can…

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